About AIIT

At AIIT, we approach each student as an individual with their own talents and one-of-a-kind needs. Everyone has experienced education as a learner, these experiences shape how we view and value education, and how we think it should develop in the future.

Since we opened our doors, our Computer Study Centre has been dedicated to helping students achieve their goals. We achieve this by offering personalized study materials, instructions, and working closely with students to provide the most efficient computer learning programs. In our modern society and economy, everything is profoundly digitized, and computers have become integral to our lifestyle. As we rely heavily on the IT revolution, having good quality computer knowledge is crucial.

In the current scenario, seeking admission for computer courses from government-affiliated organizations or universities can be costly. To address this, we have made our courses more job-oriented, rational, and provide quality education at a reasonable price. This approach aims to benefit economically disadvantaged students. Our certificates are 100% valid throughout India and abroad, recognized by both government and private sectors, as well as Employment Exchanges. Additionally, many students who complete our courses may choose to become self-employed.

AIIT was established with the primary goal of offering computer education and various other forms of IT education. We conduct quality courses for our students, and we also design customized programs for numerous companies and government sectors. Our courses are meticulously crafted with the expertise of our well-trained instructors, utilizing customized study materials, and incorporating highly practical-oriented classes for the overall development of our students.